Supporting talented individuals is needed in a knowledge-based world, and SeAH is at the center.

  • 01. Scholarship assistance to support the dreams and hopes of today’s youth

    Since its establishment in 1992, the foundation has been conducting scholarship projects every year with a conviction that ‘people are our future’. It selects scholarship recipients from high school and college students every year to provide assistance and create a favorable academic environment for young people who have adventurous thinking and a talent to devote themselves to studying without experiencing economic burdens. The foundation supports them to become leaders who can contribute to the development of society and to use their knowledge learned from school in various segments of society.

    Scholarship assistance to cheer the dreams and hopes of the youth

  • 02. Academic research assistance for the technological development of the metal industry

    From first assisting the Korean Academy of International Business in August 1993, the foundation has been assisting with research expenses for academic research such as the Research Institute for Korean Archives and Records, R&D consulting groups, and non-profit academic associations. In particular, since 2007, the foundation has been actively assisting academic research by establishing the SeAH Haiam Scholarship Award. There were concerns that the future of Korea’s key industries such as automotive, shipping, and mechanical engineering, which use iron and steel as major materials, might lag due to reduced research activities. The foundation has been contributing to technological development by offering awards to people and groups which contribute research related to metal.

    Academic research assistance for the technological development of the metal industry

  • 03. Book donation for expanding youth perspectives

    Twice a year, the foundation donates carefully selected books that are beneficial to middle schools nationwide, for the youth to form values and attitudes during their adolescence. Until 2007, the foundation provided assistance centered on elementary schools in rural areas , where good books are not easily accessible. However, since 2008, the foundation has expanded the book donation project to include middle schools for more children to expand their perspectives.

    Book assistance for expanding youth’s minds and perspectives

  • 04. Programs for strengthening friendship and unity

    The foundation operates programs to strengthen the friendship and unity among scholarship recipients. Its summer training camps, which have been operated since the beginning of the foundation, provide opportunities for students to have exchanges with other students from different regions. Visiting domestic and overseas cultural and historic sites, as well as touring industrial sites such as the workplaces of the SeAH Group, are offered to foster patriotism and positive world views by expanding students’ knowledge. In addition, the foundation is operating community activities through scholarship recipients’ autonomous meetings called ‘chereum’. It is also operating volunteer activities every year to help under-privileged neighbors.

    The operation of programs for strengthening friendship and unity

  • 05. Volunteer activities for participating among society and neighbors

    Through the scholarship recipients’ meetings, the foundation helps socially neglected neighbors, who are in economically difficult situations. It usually visits children’s welfare facilities and provides daily necessities, helps children with their homework and studies, and helps clean the environment. Through such volunteer work, scholarship recipients learn sharing and participation, and reflect on the meaning of volunteer work.

    Volunteer activities for participating among society and neighbors