SeAH Steel

SeAH Steel connects the world through its wide range of steel pipes, building the infrastructure of everyday life.

Constitutes the core backbone of the lifelike diverse pipe products of SeAH Steel, which connect the world by transporting resources.

  • Management
    Planning / HR

    Plan process innovation to develop SeAH Steel into an advanced workplace.

    • Develop business plans; manages investment strategies
    • Manage overseas affiliated companies
    • Develop HR strategies and systems
    • Administer employee benefits, manage industrial relations, and run education programs
  • Financial

    Put vigor into business activities by administering company financial affairs.

    • Planning and management of financial and tax accounting
    • Support and develop strategies for cost management
    • Develop cash flow and financing plans
  • Purchase

    Ensure cost savings and improve quality through optimized material purchases.

    • Develop purchasing strategies and plans
    • Manage vendors
    • Manage surplus or idle materials and facilities
  • Domestic Sales and Export

    Accomplish active sales activities both home and abroad through best customer satisfaction.

    • Manage customers and accounts
    • Develop sales policies, credit strategies and systems
    • Develop overseas sales strategies
    • Manage overseas orders and shipments
    • Develop new business
  • Research and

    Perform the role of think tank to improve product technologies

    • Construct new or extended facilities
    • Perform core technological research
    • Develop new business items or technologies
    • Develop main and sub materials
  • Production Facility

    Raise the productivity through improvements to equipment and safety.

    • Develop and control production plans
    • Manage levels of raw materials, completed products, and in-process products
    • Maintain and invest in facilities
    • Improve processes and manage outsourced construction work

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