SeAH develops talent by enforcing our core values and strengthening our core competencies.

SeAH realizes the company’s core values of honesty, passion and professionalism, and passion, through five core capabilities we look for in employees: change, management, creativity, an adventurous spirit, expertise, and harmony. We channel these into education and training at all levels.

Core Capabilities- capabilities(Change management,Creativity,Harmony,Challenging spirit,Expertise) + Core Values(Honesty,Passion,Capabilities)
  • Company-wide Training

    • Education by job-level

      Group education is provided to new recruits, junior or middle managers, team leaders, and officers. When hired, all new employees receive basic training. Upon promotion to senior staff or managerial positions, they complete manager-training programs based on their job rank. Senior employees who lead innovation in the organization receive high level and professional strategic management education.

    • Skill-based education

      Diverse external education programs are provided to all employees based on their department or job function in order to develop them into experts with a range of capabilities.

    • Support for self-development

      SeAH supports book learning, e-learning, and foreign language courses to help upgrade the skills of all employees. Affiliated companies support the development of capabilities of their employees by running practical job skill courses or qualification systems separately that can meet their unique challenges.

    • Challenge leader course
      SeAH Challenge Leader, Basic
      A select number of junior managers are elected from affiliated companies and trained to become early leaders of the organization through diverse education courses and field experiences over the course of a year.
      SeAH Challenge Leader, Advanced
      A select number of junior managers are eelected from the basic course and further developed to become job specialists or in-house instructors through advanced expert education, provided by outside institutes.
      SeAH Global Leader
      A select number of junior managers are elected from affiliated companies and trained to become regional business experts by serving at an overseas office for one year.
    • SPECSeAH Pre-Executive Course

      A select number of senior managers are elected from affiliated companies and are tagged to become executive candidates. This is supported by having them take intensive courses on MBA subjects at a highly reputed university in Korea.

    • Support to Expert Course

      SeAH develops its own intensive education courses to foster groups of specialists, including engineering, finance, HR, and global business.

    • Support for graduate programs or MBA students

      SeAH supports executives and team leaders from affiliated companies to acquire MBA degrees at home and abroad.