SeAH Special Steel

Keeping the world safe like the strong and durable bolts
and nuts we produce.

Supports the world with strong bolts and nuts made from products that are made by SeAH Special Steel.

  • Business / management

    Responsible for financial management and IR services that are the foundation to the company’s business / management.

    • Develop management policies and strategies
    • Develop yearly, and mid-to-long-term business strategies
    • Review investments; prepare budgets
    • Develop and implement plans for personnel, organization and education / training
    • Develop financing plans and financial and tax accounting
  • Purchasing

    Maximize production and sales by purchasing competitive raw materials and facilities.

    • Develop and implement raw material supply plans
    • Develop contracts for the purchase of raw materials, and for receipt, import, and inventory management
    • Purchase facility products and parts
  • Domestic Sales
    / export

    Strengthen domestic and overseas marketing activities through trust and reliability.

    • Domestic and export sales
    • Credit management
    • Survey customer and market trends
    • Survey customer and market trends
  • Support
    and Innovation

    Perform internal consultation and coordination roles by deploying operational systems based on the company’s policies and regulations.

    • Employee welfare / benefits, office services, and labor
    • Develop innovation policies and plans
    • Sponsor, improve, and guide innovation activities
  • Quality Control

    Enhance the quality competitiveness of SeAH Special Steel by operating a quality management system.

    • Develop quality policies, improve quality
    • Certify quality system specifications, run quality inspection
    • Manage testing and inspection equipment
    • Survey and conduct statistics on market quality
  • Production
    Management Planning

    Responsible to produce core materials for automobiles that provide mobility to the world.

    • Collection and analysis of production data
    • Control processes; improve quality
    • Calculate and request required materials
    • Manage in-process products, products, and consumable material inventory

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