Like the core parts for automobiles and consumer appliances we produce, SeAH FS may be hidden but plays a key role.

Hidden orders are provided by small steel tubes.Core parts for automobiles and consumer electronic appliances are produced by SeAH FS.

  • Management Support

    Perform accounting services for the selection and concentration of business performance.

    • Develop business plans
    • Manage overseas affiliates
    • HR planning and management
    • Financial accounting
  • Sales & Marketing

    Lead the exploration or development of new markets with marketing activities both home and abroad.

    • Manage customers and accounts
    • Develop sales policies and credit strategies and systems
    • Develop overseas sales strategies
    • Manage overseas orders and shipment
    • Develop new accounts
  • R&D

    Create greater competitive advantage by developing heat exchangers and cooling parts for consumer electronics and automobiles.

    • Develop automobile products
    • Develop consumer appliance cooling parts
    • Develop products in new fields
  • Quality

    Lead the improvement of customer satisfaction by stabilizing quality management systems.

    • Manage the history of newly developed products
    • Manage, analyze, and improve customer experience
    • Respond to process audits at home and abroad
    • Manage management processes
  • Process / Material

    Responsible for production processes at home and abroad, including technologies for materials and surface treatments.

    • Improve the production facility
    • Design and test operation processes
    • Develop technologies for the treatment of materials and surfaces
    • Provide technical support to overseas corporations
  • Production

    Create maximum effect with minimum resources by analyzing production plans and performances.

    • Develop and control production plans
    • Manage the levels of raw materials, products, and in-process products
    • Maintain and invest in facilities
    • Improve processes; and manage outsourced construction work

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