SeAH maintains a responsible and ethical management philosophy for building a sustainable future.

  • Ethics Charter

    SeAH takes its social responsibility to ethical management seriously. We abide by the fundamentals and principles of business and make efforts to grow and develop those connected to our business including our customers, employees, partner companies, and shareholders.

  • Ethics Code

    SeAH respects a free market in which all are able to pursue a fair and transparent competition through complying with applicable laws and regulations and our own internal ethics code.

    4 Ethics Code
    Social responsibility SeAH builds trust from society by performing transparent management and conducting business respectably.
    Responsibility to interested parties SeAH places our priority on creating value for customers and shareholders, and seeks co-prosperity with partner companies.
    Responsibility to executives and employees SeAH considers our employees our most precious assets, and we make our best efforts to provide a workplace where employees can realize their potential.
    Core ethics of executives and employees SeAH’s employees maintain honest values, and do not commit unethical or unlawful acts in their daily conduct which could be criticized by society.