Supporting talented individuals is needed in the knowledge-based society of the 21st century, and SeAH is at the center.

SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation is :

In 1992, SeAH’s founder, the late honorary chairperson Haiam Lee Jong-deok, established the foundation in order to contribute to fostering individuals who will lead the 21st century, as well as to take part in making this society brighter and more mutually beneficial. He continued assisting academia and scholarship projects as part of realizing his intention of giving back to the society which helped create the value his company reaped.

SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation

SeAH continues to expand the operation of various social contribution programs, as well as continuously expand the projects of the foundation in order to fulfill SeAH’s conviction of making this world a more beautiful place.

SeAH offers scholarships for high school and college students who are in an economically difficult environment, so that they can devote themselves to studying . It also provides research funds for domestic and overseas research groups and academic societies for the development of scholarship. Additionally, SeAH is conducting various projects such as book purchase assistance for middle schools across Korea.

SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation is:

SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation

To contribute to improving Korea’s cultural development by promoting research activities of groups and individuals who work in academic fields and require scholarship assistance projects, so that they can contribute to the common interests of society