Dreaming to be the leader of the world market in the 21st century based on technology and trust.

SeAH’s unique DNA exists in its management philosophy that has led its success so far and that originates from its founding spirit.

It has been steadily accumulated and inherited through management activities for a long period of time. SeAH intends to further develop its strong points based on its management philosophy and to be reborn into a more powerful organization by satisfying requirements for continued success. SeAH’s officers and employees intend to develop SeAH into a business that is respected and loved by practicing the management philosophy that represents their preparedness and determination for the future SeAH aims at achieving.

Management Spirit,Business Ideals,Human Resources

  • Management Spirit

    Management spirit: Ethical business or upright management

    All SeAH decisions and management activities are performed based on, "upright management." The upright management that SeAH has advocated for and performed is materialized into principle-based management, transparent management, and rational management. This means SeAH’s unique code of conduct by which SeAH members should steadily cultivate the outstanding ability to win a competition or achieve substantial.

    Principle-based Management
    SeAH always adheres to its principles on quality and price. SeAH focuses on enhancing its inherent competitiveness, as well as its quality and prices by securing a solid foundation through system stabilization. In so doing, SeAH pursues steady growth and development by competing fairly.
    Transparent Management
    SeAH values efficiency above all else. The backbone that enabled SeAH to achieve continued growth over the past half century was because SeAH has adhered to transparent management while creating a maximum effect through efficient investment in expanding and operating its business. SeAH seeks sound growth, while enhancing its differentiated competitiveness through transparent management that values efficiency above irrational practices.
    Rational Management
    SeAH thoroughly rejects unnecessary waste. SeAH rewards its customers’ trust and belief by pursuing the best values through reinvestments in facility for producing better quality products and ensuring stable management while eradicating unnecessary waste in view of the characteristics of steel manufacturing that belong to low added-value industries.
  • Business Ideals

    The business ideals represent the mission that SeAH's officers and employees should practice in order to accomplish its vision. These ideals define the look of SeAH officers and employees that work together to help SeAH to create a more beautiful world, while realizing customer satisfaction by creating world-class products and services through incessant technology development.

    Value Creation
    SeAH has been contributing to the development of Korea through the steel business. All SeAH officers and employees will continue their best to satisfy customers and create values that enrich the lives of people through the development and production of better products.
    Respect for People(Human-Oriented Management)
    Respecting people or "human-oriented management" is SeAH’s core management ideal. It is a management principle based on the belief that people are the source of all values that are created. SeAH exerts to foster talents and perform fair treatment while realizing that its constituents are the most important element for management that is based on humanism. In so doing, SeAH will always stay next to you so that you can enjoy a more affluent and confident life.
    Contribution to Human Society
    Since its inception, SeAH has participated in the development of the country’s key industries with a clear goal of serving the nation and people. SeAH will continue performing its roles and duties as part of the community based on its founding spirit.
  • Human Resources

    SeAH desires its employees to create results by performing the core values of the company by equipping themselves with belief in SeAH's Philosophy and executive power as well.

    A rational person with a sound value system
    A person with a rational sound value system is one who makes objective decisions that are based on reason, which everyone else can agree to.
    A creative and progressive person
    A creative and progressive person is one who tries and makes new types of meaningful things or creates new values by a unique method or technique.
    A flexible and harmonious person
    A flexible and harmonious person is one who performs their given duties regardless of their characteristics, and maintains positive human relations.