SeAH Holdings

A pure holding company, SeAH Holdings supports the group’s growth through its sound management and strategic planning.

A pure holding company, SeAH Holdings supports the world like its sound management support and affiliates strategies.

  • Strategic

    SeAH Holdings reviews group operations and sets up strategies to increase the synergy among the affiliated companies.

    • Sets up mid - and long - term group strategies
    • Plans group business portfolio
  • Business

    Review new business projects to secure new growth engines that will create competitive advantages.

    • Explore new or related businesses
    • Invest in new projects
    • Provide support to new business development and operation
    • Build networks at home and abroad
  • Finance &

    Perform accounting services for investments and operations, and discloses financial statements.

    • Raise and manage funds, establish financial policies
    • Manage publically traded stock
    • Conduct financial administration, financia lauditing, and tax returns
    • Acquire or integrate financial products and tools
    • Manage budgets and ERP systems
  • Performance

    Maximizes SeAH’s value by connecting the group vision to the strategies of affiliated companies.

    • Managerial support to and control of affiliated companies
    • Assess the management of affiliated companies
    • Group investor relations
  • HR Planning
    and Development

    Focus on employee welfare, benefits, and talent development so that employees can work in the best environment possible.

    • Administer HR policies and systems
    • Global HR
    • Talent development systems
    • Develop and administer education and training of officers and employees
  • Management Support / Public Relations

    The eyes and ears of SeAH and its relationship to the public.

    • Administration of listed companies
    • Tangible assets
    • Group PR : production of PR materials
    • Group corporate identity

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