SeAH Besteel

Our People provide a solid foundation for SeAH Besteel’s special steel and large size forgings

Provides a solid foundation for things like SeAH Besteel’s special steel and large size forgings that are used for automobiles, plants, and ships.

  • Planning /
    HR support

    Support management activities by providing financial closing information and conducting honest HR management

    • Plan business and manages investments
    • Oversee finance, cost and tax accounting services
    • Develop HR strategies and systems
    • Administer employee welfare and benefits, industrial relations and education
    • Manage contacts with regulatory agencies; and perform duties related to licenses and permits
  • Purchase

    Procure quality raw materials for specialty steel products at a reasonable price to ensure stability

    • Perform purchase functions
    • Check vendor performance; place orders
    • Check industry trends, collect industry information
    • Explore new sources / vendors
  • R&D

    Strives to develop new process technologies and products to make the world's best special steel.

    • Testing, analysis, and research
    • Develop auto parts
    • Develop special structural steel; conduct research on related technologies on the heat treatment of forgings; and develops ingot casting processes
  • Quality Control

    Realizes customer satisfaction by inspecting products from the customers’ perspective and by assessing them with the hands of a master.

    • Obtains and maintains system / product certification
    • Conduct product testing and inspection
    • Quality improvement and monitoring
    • Handle or respond to customer complaints
  • Facility

    Exert to enhance productivity with a sense of mission for realizing zero facility interruptions.

    • Repair, maintain, and invest in facilities
    • Manage facilities and energy
    • Improve processes; and manage maintenance services
  • Production

    Strive to produce highly clean steel products in production lines

    • Manages the operation of electric furnaces, refining processes
    • Continuous casting, rolling line processes
    • Large and small correction processes
    • Develops forging technologies
    • Improves forging quality and operation rates

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