Beautiful Art for a Beautiful Future

세아 이운형 문화재단

"If you fall into opera, so will everyone else.“

Those were the words Woon Hyung Lee, the late chairman of SeAH Group, used to say whenever he passed to his friends along opera CDs with warmth in his eyes and a gentle smile.
The year 2000 was important for the Korea National Opera as it walked away from the National Theater of Korea and took full responsibility for the world of art and its own management.
Entrusted with such an important mission as the first chairman of the board, Woon Hyung Lee was a passionate supporter of the opera and patron of the arts. Not only did he provide direct support, but he also organized an association of supporters and invited many companies to give interest and support to the world of opera for 13 years.

In August 2013, SeAH Woon Hyung Lee Foundation was established in honor of Woon Hyung Lee, who had always loved and supported opera with the warmest passion toward the arts and culture.

With the passion for the arts he continues to inspire, we, the SeAH Woon Hyung Lee Foundation, have provided support for the arts and culture to heighten the value of passion and artistic endeavors. We are dedicated to boosting the arts and culture of Korea by giving opportunities to gifted children and talented oung artists through the patronage program, while holding classic concerts to present the value of beautiful art to the public.

We believe that our passion and love for beautiful art will serve as the foundation for supporting and developing the worldwide opera superstars of tomorrow, bringing classical music closer to the public and making the future more beautiful through art.