SeAH Metal

Like the stainless wire and rack bars created by SeAH Metal,
we create new values for our industry and consumers.

Stainless wire and rack bars by SeAH Metal create values for industry and consumer living.

  • Business Planning

    Support other departments so that they may smoothly perform their given functions of systematic organs.

    • Manage business performances; develops business plans
    • Financial closings, audits, and tax returns
    • Manage HR, industrial relations, and education
  • Domestic Sales

    Realize customer satisfaction with marketing activities for increasing sales.

    • Develop sales plans
    • Manage trade receivables
    • Respond to and manages customer complaints
    • Analyze and develop markets
  • Export

    Explore new markets by developing sales strategies in the world market.

    • Develop monthly / yearly export plans
    • Review contracts signed with foreign customers
    • Accept overseas orders
    • Analyze market information
  • R&D

    Perform research on new items while developing new technologies that can generate global competitive advantages.

    • Manage facility systems, deploys new facilities
    • Research core technologies
    • Research new business items
  • Quality

    Enhance quality competitiveness by steadily improving inspection methods and product quality.

    • Manage the certification for specifications, quality audits
    • Testing and inspection equipment
  • Production

    Pursue efficient and innovative production activities to secure the best competitive edge.

    • Control defects and yield ratio
    • Control and analyze consumable materials
    • Manage the shipment of operational materials
    • Control in-process products; manage demands
    • Manage orders, production and work

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