Talented individuals nurturing is needed in the knowledge based society of the 21st century, and SeAH is at the center.

History of the foundation

History of the foundation

The SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation was established with the conviction that a company should contribute to the society from which the company makes profits and which provides opportunities for the company to grow. Under the name of SeAH, we continuously cheer large and small hopes and dreams with the intention of expanding future-oriented social activities that SeAH pursues as a community company.

Haiam Scholarship Foundation

detail of history since 2000

  • 2018. 03

    Joined a social media and communication platform (Kakao Talk)

  • 2014. 07

    Provided scholarship for overseas students studying international energy and IT policy

  • 2014. 05

    Provided research support fee for post doctor students studying steel and metal

  • 2013. 05

    Lee Soon-Hyung, President of SeAH group, is inaugurated as third chairman of the foundation

  • 2012. 10

    6th SeAH Haiam Scholastic Award is presented (Professor Lee Young-Kook, Yonsei Universtiy)

  • 2012. 01

    Registered endowment is increased to 9.4 billion won

  • 2011. 10

    5th SeAH Haiam Scholastic Award is presented (Professor Kyung-Tae Park, Hanbat National University)

  • 2010. 11

    4th SeAH Haiam Scholarship award is presented (Professor Lee Byeong-ju, Postech)2009

  • 2009. 10

    3rd SeAH Haiam Scholarship award is presented (Professor Gang Tak, Seoul National University)

  • 2008. 10

    2nd SeAH Haiam Scholarship award is presented (Professor Lee Ho-cheol, Seoul National University)

  • 2007. 11

    1st SeAH Haiam Scholarship award is presented (Professor Lee Gyeong-seop, Hanyang University)

  • 2007. 05
    • Foundation assets are increased to 9.1 billion won
    • Foundation articles are amended, adding ‘SeAH Haiam Scholarship Award’ project
  • 2005. 01

    Foundation name is changed to SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation

  • 2000. 12

    Lee Woon-Hyung (CEO of SeAH Group) inaugurated as 2nd director

detail of history since 1992

  • 1998. 08

    1st summer SeAH Haiam scholarship student retreat is held

  • 1998. 01

    Articles of the foundation are amended, adding assistance project for the education program of scholarship recipients

  • 1996. 07
    • Articles of the foundation are amended, adding assistance projects for ‘domestic and overseas educational institutions’
    • 1st books donations made (to elementary schools located in remote mountainous areas in Chunnam and Gyeongbuk provinces)
  • 1994. 02

    Funds are donated for facility renovation at the Graduate School of Business, Sogang University

  • 1993. 08
    • 1st SeAH Haiam Scholarship presentation ceremony is held
    • First scholarship is offered (30 college and graduate school students)
    • 1st research fund is granted(Korean Academy of International Business)
  • 1992. 12
    • Haiam Scholarship Foundation is established
    • First Director is inaugurated, late Haiam Lee Jong-deok (Founder of SeAH Group)