InnovatingSurpassing Fifty Years

A tower of success

  • 2020

    • 03SeAH Besteel acquires Arconic Korea (currently, SeAH Aerospace & Defense)
  • 2019

    • 06SeAH Steel Holdings completes construction of SeAH Steel Vina 2 plant
    • 06SeAH CSS register as a supplier of Aramco
  • 2018

    • 11Subsidiary SeAH Global(Thailand) established
    • 09SeAH Steelholdings Launched
  • 2017

    • 07The steel plate division was spin off from SeAH Steel & SeAH Coated Metal which was established
    • 05SeAH Engineering merged SeAH E&T
    • 03SeAH CSS held a completion ceremony of its brand new stainless seamless pipe plant (Up to 10")
  • 2016

    • 12SeAH Steel USA took over Laguna Tubular Products Corp.'s and OMK Tube Inc.'s assets
    • 10SeAH Steel USA was established
    • 02SeAH Global established
  • 2015

    • 05A joint venture POS-SeAH Steel Wire (Thailand) established
    • 02POSCO Specialty Steel acquired (currently, SeAH CSS)
  • 2014

    • 12SeAH Steel receives its USD 600 Million Export Tower
    • 10SeAH Special Steel completes the POS-SeAH Steel Wire plant in Tianjin, China
    • 05Korea Bundy is renamed as SeAH FS
    • 02SeAH Engineering is established
    • 02SeAH Steel acquires Italian steel pipe powerhouse Inox Tech
  • 2013

    • 10SeAH Besteel completes construction of its Changnyeong plant
    • 08SeAH Special Steel establishes POS-SeAH Steel Wire (Tianjin)
    • 07SeAH Steel completes construction of its JCOE plant in Pohang
    • 01SeAH Headquartersrelocates to SeAH Tower in Seoul
  • 2012

    • 12SeAH Steel receives USD 500 Million Export Tower
    • 11Korea Bundy completes its plant in Gimhae
    • 03SeAH Steel acquires SPP Steel Pipe (currently, SeAH Steel Suncheon Plant)
    • 01Korea Bundy enters the market for oil coolers for automotive transmissions
  • 2011

    • 09Korea Bundy acquires Hansung Metal in India (currently, India SeAH Precision Metal)
    • 06SeAH Special Steel gets listed on the Korean securities exchange (KRX)
    • 04SeAH Special Steel completes its second plant in Chungju
    • 04SeAH Steel completes construction of its plant in UAE
  • 2010

    • 12SeAH Holdings acquires Kwangyang Ferroalloy (renamed SeAH M&S)
    • 10SeAH Steel celebrates its 50th anniversary
    • 09SeAH Besteel launches Heavy Forging Business and opens integrated plant
    • 02SeAH Steel UAE is established


CreatingEnhancing Our Competitive Edge

Best competitiveness

  • 2009

    • 11SeAH Steel receives USD 400 Million Export Tower and Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit award
    • 10SeAH Group wins the 10th Korea Financial Management Award
    • 05SeAH Steel completes its steel pipe plant in Gunsan
    • 03SeAH Steel Vina completes Vietnam’s first 8-inch API steel pipe plant
    • 01SeAH Networks launched
  • 2008

    • 12SeAH Steel receives USD 300 Million Export Tower for the first time in the domestic steel pipe industry
    • 07Korea Bundy establishes SeAH Precision Metal Indonesia
    • 05Korea Bundy establishes SeAH Precision Mexico
  • 2007

    • 06SeAH Special Steel establishes POS-SeAH Steel Wire in Nantong, China
    • 06SeAH Metal establishes SeAH Automotive in Nantong, China
  • 2005

    • 12Korea Bundy establishes Suzhou SeAH Precision Metal
    • 11SeAH Steel receives USD 200 Million Export Tower for the first time in the domestic steel pipe industry and wins a Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit award
    • 11SeAH Special Steel completes its first Chungju plant
    • 01SeAH Group announces its ethical management guidelines
  • 2004

    • 01Korea Bundy establishes SeAH Precision Metal in Thailand
  • 2003

    • 12Korea Bundy establishes Foshan SeAH Precision Metal
    • 11SeAH Holdings acquires Kia Steel (renamed, SeAH Besteel)
    • 11SeAH Steel receives the Creativity Award (Large Company) at the 4th Mecenat Awards
  • 2002

    • 11SeAH Steel establishes its local China subsidiary, Landmark Steel
    • 10SeAH Special Steel installs a HICON/H2 bell furnace for the first time in Korea at its Pohang plant
  • 2001

    • 07SeAH establishes the SeAH Holdings company and takes it public
  • 2000

    • 10SeAH Steel relocates its Headquarters to downtown Seoul
    • 03SeAH Steel develops Korea’s first anti-corrosion line pipe, API X65


AdvancingLaying the Foundation

Leads future industries

  • 1999

    • 07SeAH Steel’s Changwon Plant developed Korea’s first duplex stainless pipe
  • 1998

    • 05SeAH Steel’s continuous color coating line completed
  • 1996

    • 01Alloy Rods Korea established the Welding R&D Center
    • 01Group name changed to SeAH
  • 1995

    • 12Pusan Steel Pipes Changwon Plant completed a roll bender line
    • 08Saigon Steel Pipe established (currently, SeAH Steel Vina)
    • 02Pusan Pipe Japan established (currently, SeAH Japan)
  • 1994

    • 11Pusan Steel Pipe receives #1 rating in customer satisfaction among pipe manufacturers
    • 03SeAH Metal Products established (currently, SeAH Metal)
  • 1993

    • 05VINAPIPE is established (currently, Vietnam Steel Pipe)
    • 04Korea Bundy completes its plant in Gwangju
  • 1992

    • 12Haiam Scholarship Foundation is established (currently, SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation)
    • 06Koam Information & Technologies established (currently, SeAH Networks)
  • 1991

    • 11TELKO established (currently, SeAH Engineering)
  • 1990

    • 01Pusan Pipe America acquires US-based State Pipe & Supply


JumpingBecoming a Global Player

Aims at globalization

  • 1988

    • 05Pusan Steel Pipe acquires Changwon Steel (currently, SeAH Special Steel)
    • 03Pusan Bundy is rebranded as Korea Bundy (currently, SeAH FS)
  • 1987

    • 06Alloy Rods Korea acquires certification from classification associations in seven countries
    • 01Pusan Steel Pipe establishes R&D Center
  • 1985

    • 12Alloy Rods Korea established (currently, ESAB SeAH)
    • 01Pusan Steel Pipe moves its Headquarters to Yongsan, Seoul
  • 1983

    • 06Pusan Steel Pipe manufactures API X70, a first in Korea
  • 1982

    • 06Pusan Steel Pipe is designated as Level 1 Quality Control Factory by the Industrial Advancement Administration
  • 1981

    • 12Pusan Steel Pipe receives USD 100 Million Export Tower and Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit award
  • 1980

    • 04Pusan Steel Pipe is selected as a ‘key industrial enterprise’ by the Korean government


ChallengingOpening a New Chapter in the Steel Industry

Opens a new chapter

  • 1979

    • 11Pusan Bundy’s Pyeongtaek Plant completed, producing double-walled steel tubes
    • 03Pusan Bundy established (currently, SeAH FS)
    • 03API monogram is acquired (API 5A, 5L, and 5LX)
    • 02Haiduk Steel Trade is established (currently, SeAH L&S)
  • 1978

    • 10Pohang plant is completed
    • 08Pusan Pipe America is established (currently, SeAH Steel America)
  • 1976

    • 11First edition of Pusan Steel Pipe company magazine is published
  • 1975

    • 02Rebranded as Pusan Steel Pipe (currently, SeAH Steel)
  • 1973

    • 10Production begins of spiral pipes
  • 1971

    • 08Headquarters relocates to Seoul
  • 1970

    • 03Seoul plant is completed


PioneeringFortifying Our Foundation

  • 1969

    • 05IPO and introduction of ESOP for the first time in Korea
  • 1967

    • 08Becomes Korea’s first steel pipe exporter
  • 1965

    • 03Company is authorized to use KS mark for conduit pipes
  • 1960

    • 10Pusan Steel Pipe Industrial is established (currently, SeAH Steel)