Hoping for a better tomorrow, sharing love with SeAH.

SeAH has been actively developing various social contribution activities, ranging from opera sharing, to education and scholarships, to volunteer work and art assistance.


  • SeAH’s love sharing

    SeAH is trying to renew itself as a loving company as it promotes social contribution in order to create a brighter tomorrow and as it dreams of a beautiful world where people, business, and society can co-exist harmoniously.

    SeAH’s volunteer work is characterized by businesses and volunteer groups, located across the nation, who conduct small and large-scale projects for the development of local communities. To realize social sharing, SeAH provides assistance to socially-neglected neighbors, under-privileged social classes and children from dysfunctional families, and multi-cultural families in its community. With their employees’ caring and love, SeAH constructs steel-framed benches, soccer and basketball goalposts, and morning assembly platforms at schools or community centers. SeAH also continuously participates in blood drives and environmental preservation activities.

  • SeAH’s opera performance

    As a B2B company, SeAH’s is often not in the public eye due to the nature of its business. To help improve SeAH’s presence in the community, SeAH’s cultural art assistance activities have not received much spotlight, but SeAH has been actively assisting various cultural art groups that are increasing the cultural value of Korea.

    Since 2000, SeAH has been sponsoring the Korea National Opera. As a result, the troupe is now able to hold performances regularly, and it is currently presenting more than seven pieces of authentic large-scale operas and creative operas annually with SeAH’s regular assistance. In addition, SeAH is assisting several small and large classical art groups such as the ‘Korea Festival Ensemble’, which is one of Korea’s best chamber orchestras, as well as the ‘Aewool Music Stage’, which keeps the tradition of pure art area with vocal music.

    SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation creates the future. To realize SeAH’s conviction of making the world beautiful, SeAH is expanding the projects of its scholarship foundation and operating various social-contribution programs to infuse people with dreams and hopes and to communicate with society.